Tiki Farm: Guide to producing milk with new cows

Tiki Farm has just rolled out brand new cows into the game, and they're not just the standard harvestable animals. These new cows actually use the mechanic from Country Story (and later, Ranch Town) in which you have to harvest food for the cow to eat in order to have them produce milk. To introduce these new cows to the game, the Tiki Gods in Tiki Farm have granted everyone one free cow and some starting alfalfa. You can find these in your gift box if you log in soon. Here's a quick guide on how to make milk with your new free cow in Tiki Farm.

Place your cow anywhere on your farm. Once placed, you can click on the cow to feed it alfalfa. You should have a few for free, but if you don't - you can buy alfalfa seeds in the Shop and plant them. Once you have given your cow the alfalfa, it will take 5 minutes for the cow to eat the alfalfa and produce milk. Once your cow has produced milk, the jug will show up right by your cow. Click the milk to add it to your storage. That's the entire process of producing milk - easy isn't it?

You can also upgrade your cow to give it a better shelter. The first time you upgrade your cow, it will give you a little tiki hut for it to stand underneath. This costs 5,000 coins or 10 Facebook Credits. The second time you upgrade, you can get a full barn for the cow, however this takes 20,000 coins or 20 Facebook Credits. Many players so far are actually enjoying the first upgrade better than the second, because it has a better tiki feel with the grass roof and open air feeling. Increasing your cow's shelter will actually increase the amount of milk it can produce at a time as well.

So far, the milk isn't used for anything and can just be sold. However, if this mechanic moves in the same direction as Country Story, we could be seeing additional recipes layered on. The milk could eventually be made into butter, cheese, or another dairy product. It's nice to see another layer of depth added to Tiki Farm, a game that is quite shallow and doesn't provide much longevity. It will be interesting to see where this goes in the near future.

What do you think of the new dairy cows? Is this a good feature for Tiki Farm?
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