Restaurant City grants free Chesire Cat for leveling up "Eat Me" Cake

Eat Me Cake and Chesire Cat in Restaurant City
Eat Me Cake recipe menuAlong with the "Drink Me" recipe upgrade bonus (which shrinks all your customers), Restaurant City has announced another Wonderland themed upgrade. This time. players can get a free Chesire Cat for baking the "Eat Me" Cake to Level 10.

"Eat Me" Cake is a new recipe requiring 4 ingredients: Saffron, Apple, Vanilla, and Sugar. At first glance, this recipe seems pretty easy to upgrade. After all, 3 out of the 4 are stuff you can grow in the garden, and Apples have yet to go scarce since they haven't been involved in any of the most popular recipe releases. But the game is good at inducing scarcity. Each week, Ingredient Star Ratings are adjusted to reflect the anticipated popularity of an ingredient.

As always, the game is offering players a bit of help. At the end of this post, you'll find links to two free ingredients.

Note: All links below will launch the game. You only need to keep the game window open for a few seconds to accept your free item.

FREE Sugar, available 24 hours:
FREE Milk, available 24 hours only:
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