Oregon motorcycle company fined for selling totaled vehicles

oregon motorcycle company fined for selling totaled vehiclesAn automobile dealer in Tigard, Oregon was fined $650,000 for advertising and selling vehicles that had been damaged or written off as totaled, the Oregon state attorney general's office said.

Matt Marlin, owner of Marlin Motorworks, lost his dealership license after admitting to forging title documents of wrecked vehicles, according to the AG's office. Shortly after, he formed a new company with his wife, Anousone, called PNW Auto LLC. But that dealership behaved similarly.

PNW Auto LLC, advertised motorcycles on Craig's List as "never crashed," but the motorcycles were previously documented by insurance companies as "totaled," requiring several thousand dollars for repair. PNW instead spent only a few hundred dollars per bike, leaving wheel, frame and handlebar damage.

Matt Marlin faces fines for deceptive vehicle advertising and sales, the AG's office said. The fine is the maximum amount under Oregon's Unlawful Trade Practices Act.

"There has been no settlement on the case and my legal counsel has advised me not to comment," Marlin said in a telephone interview with Consumer Ally.

Complaints to the Oregon Attorney General's office date back more than two years, said Oregon Attorney General spokesman Tony Green.
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