New aquarium and English pub to build in Social City


Social City releases a building or two almost every single day, which is great for collectors. Unfortunately, they almost always cost City Bucks, and our cities are getting awfully packed already with buildings. It's hard for us to remember which buildings we have already bought. These two exclusive limited time buildings are brand new though, so you definitely don't have these ones yet. The new Aquarium and English Pub are highly detailed and fun buildings.

The English Pub has an adorable blue roof and a British feel to the exterior. You can own this building for 39 City Bucks as long as you buy it while there are still almost 3,000 of them left. The pub increases your population's happiness by 15,000 and grants you 441 XP. You can collect 3,000 coins from it every 20 hours. It is 1x2 in size.

The Aquarium is a decent sized 2x2 structure with a huge fish tank and a giant octopus perched on the top. It grants 21,000 happiness, allows you to collect 12,000 coins every 14 days, and gives you 795 XP when built. It costs 59 City Bucks though, so you'll have to spend a bit for the nice payout.

Will you be buying one of these new Social City items? Which one, or both?

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