Mob Wars launches new achievements


Looking to score some free skill points? Check out the new "Achievements" feature of Mob Wars, found under the "My Boss" link. There are currently 35 possible points you can get, just by accomplishing different, well, achievements. Do you have 50 casinos in Vegas? You'll get a free skill point. Complete all the jobs in Dubai, get a free skill point.

While finishing all the jobs in a particular city will get you a free skill point for each city, five of the achievements are level based, each offering the opportunity to get five skill points for hitting different achievement points. For instance, the "Button Man" achievement is for collecting bounties and gives you up to five skill points on your way to collecting 500 bounties. As you hit specific levels like 100 bounties, you get a skill point. Once you hit 500 bounties, it does not start over again, stopping at five, but you'll have 5 skill points once you hit 500 bounties.

The developers still haven't formally announced the feature and seem to be working the kinks out. If you took advantage of the achievements feature right after it was available, the leveling didn't exactly work right and stopped, even if you hit 10,000% of the goal. As the feature was introduced, you automatically got the skill points for everything you previously accomplished, so, if you already had collected 10,000 bounties, you got 5 skill points for that.

With the new feature, one might expect the development team to continually add more achievements, but only time will tell there. The first 34 are relatively easy to pick up for the accomplished gamer. The last one though, depositing $1,000,000,000,000,000 in the bank (that's a quadrillion), might take some time to save up.

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