Happy Pets Lucky Box delivers priceless surprises

happy pets lucky box
happy pets iron cat
happy pets catzilla
happy pets lucky box
happy pets lucky box

Happy Pets has released a new Lucky Box containing limited edition items.

Opening one of these boxes can yield a number of great items. Among the variety are items that are no longer for sale. At the same time, some of the boxes will only offer consolation coin item prizes.

The item which you receive upon opening the box is totally random. So, although it's a bold gamble, the Lucky Box is a great chance for players looking to get limited edition items that are no longer in stores. Elusive items such as Iron Cat and Catzilla can be expected among a variety of other goodies.

Lucky Boxes cost 2 Facebook Credits and can be found in the store under the new items tab. If you're in the market for some limited edition items, head over to Happy Pets to check it out for yourself.

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