Happy Pets brings on the big cats -- Limited Edition Catzilla, Megacat, & Ultracat

Happy Pets Catzilla: King of Cats
Before you say anything, yes, you can breed these. The Catzilla is three times the size of a normal Happy Pets cat, and if you breed two Catzillas, the resulting offspring will be even BIGGER. For a quick size comparison check out the below pic (from left-to-right is a normal cat, Megacat, Ultracat, and Catzilla):
Happy Pets MegaCat, UltraCat, and Catzilla size comparison

For the record, the Megacat is 1.5 times larger than a normal cat, and the Ultracat is twice the size of a normal cat. But amongst these new feline titans stand the runt of the litter -- Microcat, which is half the size of a normal. Out of this bunch, the Microcat is the cheapest, running players 88 Facebook Credits, or roughly $9 USD. While the mighty Catzilla can be adopted for 198 Facebook Credits, or roughly $20 USD.
Happy Pets Catzilla, Ultracat, Megacat, and Microcat in store
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