Can a Computer Do Your Job?, a website that allows people to bid on work that employers outsource, recently launched a new service that uses software algorithms to allow computers to automatically post job ads, recruit workers, evaluate their work, and pay them. According to CEO Matt Barrie, "software can now simply post a job and hire one, three or 500 humans; software can now literally assemble an army overnight to solve complex problems."

Is this new software the shape of things to come? Will computers soon be selecting and managing the performance of sales people, project managers, software developers, and customer service representatives? Will computers select the next generation of teachers who educate our children or the next crop of doctors who treat our illnesses? Will performance feedback and mentoring exist or will your future boss be a computer?

The current recruiting process is very relationship-based. People hire people they trust based on the candidate's ability to prove that they have had a positive impact on a previous employer and can make an equal or better contribution to the new employer. Will the concept of relationship and managing people be a distant memory for employers and employees in just a few short years? What do you think?

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