Chicago Rental: Bucktown Duplex for $2,250

Rent this Bucktown duplex for $2,250On a corner lot in Bucktown, this four-bedroom, two-bath duplex looks more like a monastery or an old school. But on the inside, the 2,000-square-foot space is a cozy home with hardwood floors, slanted dormer second-floor ceilings, and exposed-brick walls.

Bucktown, a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood West of Chicago's major artery, the Kennedy Expressway, has become synonomous with streets of eclectic homes. Some are in their original old, vintage state while a number of others -- especially during the housing boom -- were torn down and replaced with anything from a traditional brick townhouse to a contemporary, boxy row house.

But despite the architectural spectrum in Bucktown, this duplex, with a red-and-white facade and brick rear exterior, is one-of-a-kind. And at the same time, its future renter will get to share in learning all the neighborhood secrets of living in Bucktown. Did you say "pool?"

One big perk of renting this apartment is the open space about two to three long blocks away called Holstein Park. The recreation area's swimming nook has no resemblance to your average public pool and it has a large gym for the kiddos (This must be really something to check out. There's almost as many pictures of the park on the listing as the house).

After you've toweled off from your mile swim, you'll want to know that the house has lots of windows and natural light, so you can feel like you're soaking up the elements even when it's too cold to go outside. The $2,250 monthly check also covers one parking spot, which is a much easier than street parking (and also kinder to your car).

While the park is basically in earshot, the main shopping and restaurant hub is a little bit further -- at least five to six blocks. It's a couple more streets to the south if you are looking to traipse over to Wicker Park, Bucktown's funkier sister neighborhood.

Wherever you decide to settle next in Chicago, at least when it comes to this sweet rental, it's in your best interest to act in a timely matter. Those who sign a leasing starting in July get a $500 discount of their first month's rent. Although at $2,500 it's a bit pricier rental than some of its neighbors. Four-bedroom, two-bath duplex apartments with the same square footage can be found in the area for as low as $1,800, so either that park really is something special or this house for rent is overpriced, either way negotiate the rent down if you're taken with this place.

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