Cafe World: Become a star chef with new Cooking Show decor

Cafe world cooking show decor
Cafe World's new decorations are letting players turn their eateries into the sets of their favorite cooking show. Whether you're a fan of Bobby Flay, Paula Dean, Emeril Lagasse or Rachel Ray, the new decor has great items for you.

The theme includes tiles, tables and walls in addition to audiences and camera crews, making it possible to completely turn your cafe into the set of Iron Chef or any other culinary show. While of course you can't actually film video, the theme is definitely unique, taking customers and visiting friends behind the scenes of your very own restaurant show.
cafe world audiencecafe world cameramancafe world chef
The theme includes a variety of options so players can tailor their shows to their heart's content. A great deal of new set decorations have been released to expand the already vast possibilities Cafe World has to offer. As for the characters on your show, if your own chef isn't exciting enough, there are three distinct hosts to choose from. The full list of items are as follows:
Stoves and Counters
Stainless Steel Counter - 3 Cafe Cash
Kitchy Kitchen Counter - 3 Cafe Cash
Sleek Stainless Stove - 6 Cafe Cash

Abnormal Inspired Director - 70,000 Coins
Cooking Camera Man - 40,000 Coins
Big Boiler Battle Chef - 14 Cafe Cash
Serious Saute Battle Chef - 14 Cafe Cash
Super Slicer Battle Chef - 14 Cafe Cash
Smirking Sound Guy - 13 Cafe Cash
Stainless Steel Cooker - 12 Cafe Cash
Clap Happy Audience - 4 Cafe Cash
Stacked Stock Shelving - 4 Cafe Cash
Kitchy Cutting Countertop - 4 Cafe Cash
Stainless Steel Countertop - 4 Cafe Cash
Stainless Steel Sink - 4 Cafe Cash
Fresh Fruits and Veggies - 3 Cafe Cash
Kitchen Sink - 2 Cafe Cash
Fake Kitchen Studio Wall - 1 Cafe Cash
Fake Brick Studio Wall - 1 Cafe Cash

Tables and Chairs
Theater Chair - 2 Cafe Cash
Kitchy Tile Table - 2 Cafe Cash
Stainless and Glass - 45,000 Coins

Walnut Wallpaper - 1 Cafe Cash
Over Wall - 2 Cafe Cash

Shiny Purple Tile - 800 Coins
Shiny Red Tile - 800 Coins
Shiny Yellow Tile - 800 Coins

Stage Entrance - 2 Cafe Cash
On Set Exit - 14,000 Coins

Serene Setting Window - 35,000 Coins
Studio Lighting - 25,000 Coins
Master Chef Amelia - 25,000 Coins
Kitchy Cabinets - 22,000 Coins
Stainless Cookware Shelf - 18,000 Coins
Stainless Shelving - 16,000 Coins
Kitchy Tableware - 14,000 Coins
Stainless Steel Cabinet - 12,000 Coins
Busy City Setting Window - 5 Cafe Cash
Kitchy Hood - 1 Cafe Cash
Stainless Steel Hood - 1 Cafe Cash
Shiny Pan Rack - 1 Cafe Cash
On-Air Sign - 1 Cafe Cash
Applause Sign - Cafe Cash
cafe world cooking show decor
Unfortunately, as you may have noted, most of the awesome decorations cost Cafe Cash. To fully decorate your cafe with the new theme is going to be a little pricey. We recommend using your own items in conjunction with the Cooking Show decor. The fusion is destined to be unique and sure to create a really nice personalized cooking show theme.

Finally, make sure to head over to Cafe World now to check out all the new Cooking Show themed items yourself.
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