School's out, party like a frat boy for cheap

party for cheap
party for cheap

Another year of scholastic excellence has gone by. Classes are over, finals are underway, and you need to fill the gaps between your exams. Study? Only if you're into anxiety. But for those who approach the most stressful period of undergrad life just a tad more relaxed, here's how to throw a respectable shindig on a budget that won't blow all the cash gotten from selling back books.

First, it's important to identify the most essential element of a successful party: Hot girls.

It wouldn't matter if you had a 60-foot-long ice luge, overflowing beer gardens, slip and slides awash with Grey Goose, the world's best CCR cover band or even John Fogerty himself -- without hot girls, your party -- and you -- are nothing.

As Money College is a publication of financial merit, it's only appropriate to point out that girls provide the possibility of a cover charge. You couldn't so much as give away tickets to a sausage fest. To attract and hold onto this make-or-break group and turn your party into one that is entirely self-sustaining you'll need: