Saving money could be trend that's here to stay

saving moneyi here to stay
saving moneyi here to stay

If the experts are to be believed, we're all going to be feeling a monetary hangover from the Great Recession for some time to come. According to a recent Associated Press Economy Survey, two-thirds of leading economists believe the recent thumping the economy took created a "new frugality" that will stick around long after the better times have arrived.

This is both good news and bad.

The bad news is, our new frugality is actually hurting the economy. As the Associated Press recently reported, "Because consumers fuel about 70 percent of the economy, their tightfisted habits mean the rebound could stay unusually sluggish."

But the good news is, we're saving more. Last year, Americans put away 6.4% of their disposable income, compared with less than 1% that the country socked away during the more heady days of the pre-recession.