The Fall of the Cubicle Warrior: Why Many People are Choosing Outdoor Jobs over Desk Jockey Positions

Sitting behind a desk all day surrounded by cubicle walls is never an ideal working situation. Many professionals will tell you that they feel more creative when they're working in an alternative space or when they're given the option to work from home.

As more and more professionals realize that they benefit from working outside of a cubicle, outdoor jobs are growing in popularity. Thanks to technology and the need to cut overhead costs, many jobs that once put you behind the desk now enable you to work from nearly anywhere.

But why are jobs that put you outside or in an alternative space worth your attention? Here are a few reasons why they work:

1. More Flexibility

When you're working inside a cubicle, chances are most of your time is spent staring at the clock so you can jump from your desk once it hits 5PM. But if you are able to land a job that gives you the chance to work outdoors or on your own terms, you can be productive on your own hours. Whether you're a night owl or early riser, a job with flexible hours could be a better fit.

2. Get Creative

Many professionals feel that they are unable to be creative or brainstorm new ideas when working inside the same space day in and day out. A job that lets you work outside the cubicle walls means you'll feel more creative since your ever-changing surroundings will constantly inspire you.

3. More Responsibility

While a job outside of a cubicle may seem like an unstable career path, it may actually shoot you up the corporate ladder. A career that allows you to work outside of the office means that you might be left to think on your feet a lot more. If you shine in that role, you'll start to take on more responsibilities and thus move up the ranks a lot quicker than if you were hidden behind cubicle walls all day.

4. Physical Comfort

Sitting in a cubicle all day is not good for your body for so many reasons. From back problems to headaches, every cubicle warrior wishes they had more time to stretch their legs. Being in an alternative space gives you the chance to physically move around more to avoid any problems that are usually associated with working behind a desk. A happy body means a happy mind, and that's the best formula for succeeding on the job.

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