New FarmVille "Best Of" Mystery Chest, find out what's inside (Spoiler)

FarmVille Duckling Fountain mystery box
FarmVille Duckling Fountain mystery box

Tonight, FarmVille has just released a Best of the Mystery Box item that features some of the most desired decorations from past Mystery Boxes. Like all other Mystery Boxes, this Mystery Chest is 16 Farm Cash and grants you only one random item, with no guarantees you will get a decoration that you don't already have. We bet you can't wait to find out which items are featured, and we have all of the dirty details for you. Here is the list:

Duckling Fountain
Foot Bridge
White Stallion
Male Ostrich
Water Mill

So there you have it, these are the six items that you can receive at random from the new Best Of Mystery Box in FarmVille. Read on for pictures of these items. Is there a favorite item from the past that you wish was inside this chest? Tell us what your favorite decoration from the past in FarmVille is in the comments.