Mafia Wars Las Vegas: Dev hints at new upgradeable Casino

mafia wars casino
mafia wars casino

A Mafia Wars developer named "Teebs" dropped a big hint about what's in store for the Las Vegas expansion -- namely Las Vegas properties (the new content is rumored to roll out mid-June). Instead of owning multiple businesses and buildings a la Mafia Wars New York, Cuba, etc, Mafia Wars Las Vegas will let players own a single casino, which can be customized and upgraded.

"The second is something I've alluded to in a previous post – the Vegas Casino property. Instead of having multiple buildings and businesses that you see currently, the Vegas property system will actually have you customizing (both visually and numerically) a single complex, so you can be your own Casino mogul. You'll be able to choose your slot machines, upgrade your Hotel, as make sure your Vault is secure from robbery."

Having spent a lot time on the Las Vegas strip, we'll all for the idea. We just hope we end up with something more like the Bellagio than the Stardust.

[Via Official Mafia Wars Forum]

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