'Home Rules' Episode 9: Aggressive Wife, Artist Husband, Equals Messy House

Fran Harris: Go girl, go!

She's the life coach, host and hero of HGTV's "Home Rules." Know what she does? Well, just little things like not only fixing people's homes but also fixing their families.

Lucky-but-dysfunctional couples are chosen to have their homes renovated. But before one hammer hits a wall, they have to work on their personal relationships, and in some cases, rekindle the romance in their lives.

Fran puts the couples to the test, then comes back to visit the family a month after the improvements have been made to see if they've upheld their end of the bargain.

Here's what happened in Episode 9:

The Setup:
David and Melanie's house is a mess. They have a new baby and their dogs are out of control. Their once-subdued life is now in havoc -- and it shows. Melanie works for a nonprofit and is very aggressive. David is laid-back and has aspirations to be an artist.

Meanwhile, their house is as dysfunctional as their lifestyle. They have a non-functioning kitchen which is a source of stress and they have to spend an hour a night cleaning baby bottles. Their spare bedroom looks like a college crash pad. Sports memorabilia litters the apartment. Their relationship and house are both a mess.

The Prescription: Fran concludes that there's a lack of communication in the couple's life. They need to talk to each other and come to an agreement about their home renovations. To heal their lack of communication, Fran gives them the task of feeding the entire construction crew and organizing a party for 50 for $100.

They agree on self-serve pulled-pork sandwiches and Mardi Gras beads. Problem solved.

Fran also ignites David's passion for art by having him create a piece to hang in their renovated home's foyer. Another problem solved!

The Conclusion: Walls are knocked down. Rooms are opened. David and Melanie absolutely love it. Space is created where they can be on their own and yet be together as a family.

Footnote: This is the first episode of "Home Rules" in which the wife didn't cry when the home renovations were revealed.

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