Green Living Expert Danny Seo Shares Tips for Renters

Green Living Expert Danny Seo on an Eco-Friendly Life
Green Living Expert Danny Seo on an Eco-Friendly Life

Green-living expert Danny Seo doesn't just spout off about ways to live an eco-conscious life. The ambassador of his own eponymous green-lifestyle brand actually lives it.

In Jamison, Pa., perched on the edge of the Allegheny National Forest, Seo has filled his home with energy-efficient applicances, his own branded line of green mattresses, and he drives a hybrid. Not only does he believe in recycling, he's taken this tenet of his life to a greater level -- many of his things are used, vintage items from the Goodwill, flea-markets and other second-hand retailers.

The proof? Seo created a work bag by sewing together antiquated leather belts. His trivets are made of wine cork. And he says his favorite project was reupholstering dining room chairs with an old stash of cashmere sweaters.

Seo advises the J.C. Penney Co. on green products, appears on the circuit of morning television shows, and writes his own blog, so he has plenty of ideas to go around. In our question and answer session, he shared some suggestions on how to become a more eco-friendly renter and how to begin making your own recycled creations.