FarmVille's rootin' tootin' Cowboy Gnome rides into the in-game Market

farmville cowboy gnome

Gnomes: these little guys are -- hands-down -- one of our favorite FarmVille collectibles. This week, the cowboy gnome rides onto the farm, alongside a host of other Southwestern themed items, and it's available for a limited time only. This rootin' tootin' cow-gnome has a flowing white beard, boots, lasso and a big tan cowboy hat.

Unfortunately, you'll have to shell out 15 FV cash to own one of these guys, but you'll gain 100 XP if you decide to buy. If you - for some inexplicable reason -- want to part with this collectible, you can do so for 500 coins. But, just look at him -- why would you ever do that? Why?

farmville cowboy gnome

Check out the Cowboy Gnome in his natural environment, courtesy of FarmVille fan Sandy. Thanks Sandy!

Did you buy the Cowboy Gnome? If so, please send a picture to and we'll post it here!
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