What's Your E-Mail Address? CutieXO Doesn't Cut It Anymore

Most Millennials have used one during their school career. I'm referring to that e-mail address that we think is adorable or expressive of our interests. However, xoCutie21xo and SportsFan10 simply will not cut it in the business world.

It's hard to believe, but I've actually seen similar e-mail addresses on resumes of recent college graduates on the job hunt.

Keep your e-mail simple and professional.

I suggest your full name or the first initial of your first name coupled with your last name. Be certain it's associated with a popular webmail account.

For example:John.Smith@aol.com or J.Smith@gmail.com.

Not only do the above formats convey a sense of professionalism, but they are easy for your employer and colleagues to remember and associate with you. I may not remember who SportsFan10 is, but I have a feeling John.Smith@aol.com belongs to that young gentleman who I met the other day named John Smith.

It's common sense! Your e-mail account is NOT an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Don't make life more difficult for a potential employer.

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