DebtGoal and help you get out of debt

Jean Chatsky'sDebt Diet
Jean Chatsky'sDebt Diet

"Weight Watchers for Debt." That's how Scott Crawford, the CEO of DebtGoal describes the company's DIY model of getting out of debt in a phone interview with WalletPop. The service automates one of the toughest parts of getting out of debt -- figuring out a payment plan that is realistic. Tuesday at Finovate in San Francisco, the company announced a new tool for crowdsourced credit card rate negotiation.

Like Weight Watchers, DebtGoal focuses on providing consumers with the tools they need to get themselves out of debt by changing their behavior. "It's all about taking all this complexity and all this manual math" explains Crawford, "and making this as simple and easy as possible."

Unlike the nuclear option -- Debt Settlement -- DebtGoal is an online solution that puts the control and responsibility on you instead of a company that needs to be watched over.