Complaints say Hydra Tek doesn't deliver

Pacific Northwest water well drilling company Hydra Tek may be digging a hole for its reputation, says a recent Better Business Bureau report questioning whether the company actually exists.

In the past three years, consumers logged 34 complaints against Hydra Tek, known by three other names, Hydratek Manufacturing, Rockmaster Drills and Rockmaster Drilling Equipment, according to the Better Business Bureau report. The company sells water well drilling supplies and equipment. Complaints include late shipments that do not contain what the customer ordered or that don't arrive.

Consumers are often unable to contact the company, the report says, and those who do say refunds or replacement parts are guaranteed but not sent.

Consumers filed 16 complaints against Hydra Tek and Rockmaster Drilling Equipment on the Oregon Attorney General's website, said the office's spokesman Tony Green. Consumers can file and search complaints against any business in Oregon through this website. By entering Hydra Tek and Rockmaster Drilling consumers can see various complaints. These complaints and comments are similar to the Better Business Bureau comments on poor delivery, repair, customer service, warranty claims, refund or exchange problems, product issues and general service.

Two phone calls and an e-mail to Hydra Tek were not returned to Consumer Ally.
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