Calendars That Rock Your Walls

design calendars
design calendars

With the plethora of glossy calendars filled with teapots, hunky firefighters, bad cats and other ghastly topics assembled into a flimsy portfolio, you probably concur: There's never been much reason to use a calendar as decor. Well, up until now.

A new crop of time-recording devices aren't ones you can stash away in a drawer; rather, these calendars are functional pieces of art you'll want to hang on your wall.

For instance, there's a knitted-scarf that unwinds stitch by stitch to track the days of the year, or "An Apple a Day" tubular calendar that holds enough apples to count the days of the month (just don't forget to refill it on the first).

Check out some of the coolest new calendar creations that we'd be proud to hang on our walls...