Calendars That Rock Your Walls

design calendarsWith the plethora of glossy calendars filled with teapots, hunky firefighters, bad cats and other ghastly topics assembled into a flimsy portfolio, you probably concur: There's never been much reason to use a calendar as decor. Well, up until now.

A new crop of time-recording devices aren't ones you can stash away in a drawer; rather, these calendars are functional pieces of art you'll want to hang on your wall.

For instance, there's a knitted-scarf that unwinds stitch by stitch to track the days of the year, or "An Apple a Day" tubular calendar that holds enough apples to count the days of the month (just don't forget to refill it on the first).

Check out some of the coolest new calendar creations that we'd be proud to hang on our walls...

This Danese Milano Perpetual calendar may look like a leather belt, but it's actually different strips of wood that can slide horizontally to keep track of the date both in English and Italian. Designed by Enzo Mari, the calendar doubles as a sophisticated, dynamic piece of wall art.

Calendars Take On a New Form as Wall Art

Created by Patrick Frey, a German industrial designer, the Gregor calendar is a hanging scarf that sheds it stitches to help you remember the day of the year.

Put your fresh-cut bundles of flowers to work with this inventive linear paper-and-glass pot. On this wall hanging display, the dates adorning the vertical length of the base serve as your date recorder.

Dubbed the Imbroglio Wall, 1972, this powder-coated steel panel (above) is covered with indecipherable graphics. When a magnetic cursor rolls over one of the 31 numbers on this French-made calendar, that number becomes legible. Imbroglio, by the way, means "hidden" or "muddled" in French.

Taking the idea of a wall calendar to heart, of course, the matron of design, Martha Stewart, has an idea as to how to create a wall matrix that will keep your schedule for up to six weeks. In a nutshell, you use black chalkboard paint as a base coat; mix in white coloring to create four different shades of gray; and follow this template matrix to color each box a varied shade. Here are the detailed instructions -- it is a good thing!

An easier option? Get some inspiration from a Swedish designer's calendar wallpaper (below). With a schedule that big, you may never forget an appointment or end up late again.

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