Bad Boss? Complain Here!

Whether you love or hate your boss, there's a site up where you can post your kudos and complaints -- and you can do it anonymously. It's called, and although you can use it to sing your boss's praises, the horror stories get a lot more attention.

According to, a recent nationwide study found that 37% of American workers, or about 54 million people, have been bullied at some point in their careers. Also, the study found that 62% of employers ignore the bullying problem and 45% of workplace bullying victims suffer stress-related health problems.

Take, for instance, the Worst Boss of the Year section, which involved a panel of workplace experts selecting and ranking the 25 Worst Bosses of 2009 who made headlines across the country and abroad. Several restaurant managers, a coroner, the former NASA inspector general, an NFL head coach, and a candidate running for US Congress were listed among the bad guys, the latter having been sued by a colleague for allegedly making sexual advances towards her and then trying to get her fired for refusing his sexual advances. And you thought your boss was bad!

Here are some of the other infringements that gained their perpetrators top ranking:

  • The employees of a water distribution superintendent in Louisiana recorded a four-hour meeting in which the boss used hundreds of obscenities and ordered one of the supervisors to physically attack an equipment operator.

  • Numerous eyewitnesses saw the head coach of the Oakland Raiders punch an assistant coach at the Raiders training camp in August. The assistant coach suffered a broken jaw from the attack.

  • A manager at a US Army arsenal in Michigan was sued for workplace bullying and disability discrimination by a former soldier who received a Purple Heart and who lost his hand and suffered other serious injuries in an explosion while serving in Iraq.

  • The owner of a sawmill in Virginia was sued by the EEOC for allegedly trying to kiss a number of female employees, making inappropriate sexual comments to female employees, and offering a female employee $100 if she would show him her breasts. One victim who complained to supervisors about the harassment was fired.

  • The owner of several Mexican restaurants in New York City was sued for allegedly violating federal and state labor laws by withholding minimum wages, overtime compensation, misappropriating employee tips, retaliation, pregnancy discrimination, assault and battery, and creating a hostile work environment for numerous employees.

  • The female kitchen manager at an American Legion Post in Minnesota was accused of sexually harassing a male bartender, grabbing his groin, trying to kiss him, and sexually propositioning him. The victim's complaints to supervisors were not investigated, and the victim ultimately quit several months later after developing ulcers and suffering from nightmares and depression.

The site gives the names and locations of these bad bosses as a deterrent for other bully boss behavior, but also as a warning to those who might be considering working for them. The site's motto is "Nobody should have to work with a jerk." There's a place for you to rate your own boss, and an area where you can search to find out if there are any complaints filed against your current boss, or the one you're considering working for.

An extensive "eBossWatch Boss Background Check" will cost you $19.95, and that includes searches of county and federal court records as well as local and national media sources to discover if your potential boss has ever been accused of infractions such as creating a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, or employment discrimination.

Or you can simply go on the site and anonymously vent about your bad boss for free.

You can do it here as well. Do you have a bad boss story? Are you tired of taking all that abuse? If you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it any more, feel free to rant away below.

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