Austin tops list of where people spend most on dining out

Survey shows how much people dine outAs a follow up to the Top Spending U.S. Cities report recently issued, has compiled the data to find the top spending U.S. cities when it comes to food and drink. The new report found that Austin, Texas, tops that list and once again, Detroit is at the bottom.

The report also shows when we spend the most, what households spend the most, as well as a breakdown of what ages and incomes spend the most on food and drink.

To determine the food and drink spending, Bundle looked at grocery and restaurant purchases from 2009 and determined that the U.S. average for percentage of money spent on eating out is 37%; a number that Atlanta easily beats with its record high of 57% of food and drink spending happening out on the town.

Top 10 Spending U.S. cities, on food and drink:
  1. Austin, TX - $12,447
  2. Arlington, VA - $11,598
  3. San Jose, CA - $10,419
  4. Raleigh, NC - $10,086
  5. Durham, NC - $10,064
  6. Washington, DC - $10,049
  7. Irvine, CA - $9,997
  8. Nashville, TN - $9,680
  9. Scottsdale, AZ - $9,627
  10. San Francisco, CA - $9,323

For a full listing of cities, including the breakdown of dining out v. grocery spending visit Bundle.
The lowest spending cities on food and drink in the U.S. include Detroit, also the lowest spending city overall. It's a difference so great that five Detroit residents can eat on just the dining out budget of one Austin resident.

Top 5 lowest spending cities, on food and drink:
  1. Detroit, MI - $2,246
  2. Chula Vista, CA - $2,914
  3. Hialeah, FL - $3,314
  4. Garland, TX - $4,457
  5. Stockton, CA - $4,495
In addition to figuring out the spending by city, Bundle has shared the food and drink spending habits of Americans by month, age, income and household type. It's no surprise that December, a month filled with travel and frequent gatherings of family and friends, is the highest spending month for food and drink. But it may come as a surprise to see that February is the lowest. Perhaps the low February spending has something to do with credit card statements coming due, or the looming tax deadline.

When Bundle investigated the spending by age they found that in almost every age group Starbucks was the top merchant, with the over 65 crowd, who prefer Olive Garden and Applebee's, alone as the only group without the coffee shop at the top of their food and drink spending.
If you want to see how you compare to any of these cities or the categories, use Bundle's Everybody's Money tool to get more detail for your city, age and more. If you want to see how you compare, use a tool like Mint to tag your purchases based on type and restaurant. If you connect your accounts, you should be able to get a pretty good look at how you compare nationally and locally in just a few minutes.
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