Apartment-Friendly Design From Brooklyn

Earlier this week we told you about some of our favorite pieces from BKLYN DESIGNS, a showcase of local design from New York's edgiest borough. The weekend-long fair highlighted the innovation coming out of the area: from interactive light installations to framed ant farms (with a lot of furniture -- much of it sustainable -- in between). But will it fit into your apartment?

We combed the fair for innovative, space-saving designs perfect for the apartment dweller with an eye for style.

Here's what we found....

1."Flock of Birds" by Colleen & Eric
If you hate the synthetic look of wall decals, these cool, sustainable "decals" (pictured above) will give your apartment an earthy vibe. The set of six runs $55 and each bird has a dark walnut side and a light birch side so you can alternate or reverse them if you want a change. They attach with small nails and can be reattached again and again. Plus, the stains and shellacs are all water-based so they're nontoxic.

2.Bike Rack by 718 Made in Brooklyn
I love the simplicity of this bike rack. Why not make your bike a piece of art? Beats having it lean against the wall. Of course we'd love it if all our bikes looked as pretty and clean as this limited edition bicycle, but even a grungy bike would be elevated to sculpture with this simple wood rack. It runs $350 and can be purchased through the 718 Made in Brooklyn website. And as a bonus, it's got street cred: It was designed by 718's founder, Jeff Mayer, a former pro BMX biker.

3.Floating Window Boxes by Planterworx
It's often tough to find the floor space for a large plant in apartments. And even tougher to find that floor space in the optimal, sunny area of the room. These cool hanging window boxes give renters another option to get some green into their homes. Choose from the rough, rusty Corten steel (pictured) or a smooth, powder-coat finish that comes in white, silver and many other colors. Planters run $335, available at Planterworx.com.

4. Pin-Up Table by Brian Persico

Clever Pratt grad Brian Persico designed a dining table that's put together entirely by six wooden pegs. So good news for renters: it can come apart easily with a mallet and stash behind the sofa or under the bed. And being an eco-conscious Brooklynite, Persico constructed the eight-seater table of FSC-certified red oak. It retails for $3,000 but can be made in custom sizes and materials. For more more information visit brianpersico.com.

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