YoVille says 'so long' to Tagged starting May 15

yoville tagged no more
yoville tagged no more

If you like to play games on social network Tagged.com, looks like a big change is coming. Shortly after Mafia Wars was yanked from the social network a few weeks ago, we learn that YoVille will soon be following suit starting May 15.

From the official YoVille blog:

"Coming soon Yoville will be removed from the Tagged network.

Starting this weekend we will no longer be receiving purchases from Tagged Players or accepting new Tagged players on Yoville. Going forward, Yoville will be turned off from Tagged as of May 15th 2010.

Please stay tuned as we will have more information coming soon on how to migrate your Tagged account with all of your items, houses, coins, and Yocash. Rest assured that Tagged players will not lose any of their items, coins, cash, or houses.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause. We would like to thank you all for your understanding through this process and appreciation for your support! We'll have more info for you guys soon."

Like the Mafia Wars transition from Tagged to Facebook, we expect this switch-over will have its share hiccups and frustrations. This whole moving scenario is especially precarious for players who have sunk hundreds of real-life dollars to buy virtual items for their game.

There's lots of speculation as to why YoVille, Mafia Wars maker Zynga is pulling the plug on their games on this network, possibly hinting at a larger move away from MySpace and Facebook altogether in support of a new Zynga-run social network called Zynga Live or Zlive.

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