Real Estate Videos: Scary West L.A. House for Sale

No one should underestimate the art of real estate videos and the filmmakers that produce them. Not only does it involve showing homes that are for sale but it also involves skills as a filmmaker. That's why each week at HousingWatch we like to salute those unheralded filmmakers and their low-budget masterpieces.

This Week:House for Sale West Los Angeles
Director: jasonkoyama
YouTube Views: 338
Stars: A West L.A. house. A closet! A shower! A shed in the backyard.

Read on to view the video and find out our critique of this work. Will we find a body hidden in the shed in the backyard?
I just saw the original "Friday the 13th" movie. This video's shaky, hand-held camera was reminiscent of John Carpenter's scenes which allow us to be inside the mind of the killer as he searches for his next victim. The search becomes more frantic as it goes from room to room. I almost expect a "Psycho" scene as we see a hand open the shower door. The dark, shadowy cinematography lends itself to the horror genre. The melancholy piano music does wonders to set the tone. The video ends in the shed in the backyard where we almost expected to find something unpleasant.

Our Take:
When filming your house for sale, as a sales tool be sure not to show us the dumpy parts of your property -- they're not selling points. The post also forgets to list the price and square footage -- and that's plain scary!

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