PetVille gives out tooth cavities with new candy theme

PetVille Johan's Candy Shoppe theme
We still haven't purchased our fill of the new Pets in Paris theme, but already PetVille has launched another theme. The Johan's Candy Shoppe theme is a decadently delicious set of candy and bakery decorations for your pet's home, and we're thrilled with these items. Let's take a peek at the tasty treats and decorations available, that is, if we can stop drooling.

Molly Measuring Bear - 13 Pet Cash
Chocolate Chair - 13,000 coins
Super Circles Rug (Pink) - 15 Pet Cash
Eileen Icing Bear - 13 Pet Cash
Choo-Choo Candy Mountain - 27 Pet Cash
Austin Egg Bear - 13 Pet Cash
Mystical Microdots Rug - 20 Pet Cash
Mel Bear Mixing - 13 Pet Cash
Candy Shoppe Wall - 5,000 coins
Candy Shoppe Floor - 5,000 coins
Chocolate River Rapids - 25 Pet Cash
Lotsa Dots Rug - 20 Pet Cash
Banana Split Sofa - 50 Pet Cash
Candy Shoppe Counter - 15,000 coins & 30 neighbors or 23 Pet Cash
Candy Shoppe Stool - 3,000 coins
Assorted Swirl Pops - 5,000 coins
Heart-Shaped Suckers - 5,000 coins
Jar of Candy Corn - 3,000 coins
Jar of Gum Balls - 3,000 coins
Laker Swirl Rug - 23 Pet Cash
Fruity Candy Cane Chair - 5,000 coins
Candy Cane Chair
- 5,000 coins
Ice Cream Truck - 30 Pet Cash
Strawberry Sundae - 3,000 coins
Chocolate Syrup - 3,000 coins
All-Purpose Flour - 4 Pet Cash
100% Organic Whole Milk - 5 Pet Cash
Candy Shoppe Mini-Counter - 13,000 coins & 25 neighbors or 20 Pet Cash
Silicone Spatula - 3,000 coins
Almost Dozen Eggs - 6 Pet Cash
Better Batter - 5 Pet Cash
Bear Powered Candy Machine - 95 Pet Cash
By far the most exciting piece in this set is the gigantic animated candy machine, but it costs a massive 95 Pet Cash. We hope you've been saving up so that you can get this gigantic decoration for your candy themed room. This is a fun, whimsical, and exciting collection that will make your mouth water.

Log into PetVille to check out the new Candy Shoppe theme!
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