Pet Society's got a secret -- a Manhole Secret Room, that is

pet society manhole secret room
Think back to being a kid (that's further back for some than others) and remember how many times you wished you could find a secret room in your house, whether by moving a book on a shelf to make it magically open or climbing into a wardrobe a la Narnia and finding something on the other side. Unless you lived in a very eccentric house, that probably never happened. which makes Pet Society's new secret room -- sorry, the Manhole Secret Room -- that much more intriguing.

To snag your very own Manhole Secret Room, head the Boutique and purchase one for 17 Playfish Cash (roughly $5). Then place it in your pet's house, and voila, you have an extra room. This is the second secret room in Pet Society; the first was from a seed that -- when planted -- turned into a giant beanstalk with a room at the top.

UPDATE:A big THANKS to Pet Society maven Olivia who sent a picture of her secret room (see below). Looks spacious, no?

pet society manhole secret room from Pet Society maven Olivia

If you bought a Manhole Secret Room, please send pics to of what it looks like inside and we'll post it here.
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