You're Out of School, Now the REAL Homework Begins

A basketball player shouldn't enter the game without taking some layups first. A singer shouldn't take center stage without rehearsing the song prior to the start of the performance. So what makes you think a good interviewee should go on an interview without appropriately preparing?

"Practice makes perfect." It's cliché, but true. Many college students and recent grads possess an unfortunate overconfident attitude coupled with a desire to simply "wing it."

Forget the advice from your friends who say, "Don't over prepare, just be yourself." Newsflash: They are wrong! You can NEVER prepare too much for an interview.

Here are a few preparations I take prior to going on interviews:

  • Do your homework: You may be out of school, but you still have to do your homework. Thoroughly research the company and position you are interviewing for. Don't risk having that "deer in headlights" facial expression when the interviewer asks you a specific question about the company's operations, history or recent achievements.

  • Practice your answers: It's as simple as searching for the phrase "job interview questions." You'll get a plethora of websites that will provide you with sample questions. Have a family member or friend pose these questions to you to be certain that you can articulate your answers confidently and without hesitation.

  • Know your questions: Don't neglect to ask questions on your interview. Ask questions regarding the specific responsibilities of the open position and questions that pertain to the company's future development or operation plans. This is a key way to further convey your knowledge about the company.

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