Happy Pets: Guide to Building a Horse Stable

Happy Pets Horses and Stable
Horses have arrived at the Happy Pets pet shop, but unless you've got 320 Facebook Credits to spend -- or the equivalent of $32 USD -- you can't unlock the horses for purchase. Because first, you need a Horse Stable. So you're going to have to get started on the long, slow, mind-numbing process of nagging, begging, and reciprocating items from the gifts page to 'build' it yourself. As such, Crowdstar is certainly taking a page out of FarmVille's own horse stable requirements.

The upside to keeping horses (or just about any animal) in Happy Pets, is that unlike FarmVille, your pets are things you can interact with, and not just static set pieces that stand like statues or occasionally glide around the screen.
Happy Pets Horse Stable 800 Coins
After you pay up 800 Coins for your Horse Stable, you'll get this window...
Happy Pets Horse Stable instructions window
...but your stable is going to look like a skeleton (image below), cause all you really bought was the frame. Clicking on the frame will give you the option to "Change Rooms" (yes, you can put it indoors or the yard) or "Sell" for 400 Coins. As you build you stable, this frame will change looks from Skeleton (0%), Half Way (50%), to Completion (100%).
Happy Pets Horse Stable Skeleton
Everyone is allowed one Horse Stable, which requires 10 items from 8 types of materials to build (80 items needed in total), and you must have a completed stable to unlock the horses for purchase.
Happy Pets Horse Stable Materials
The 8 material types are: Nails, Boards, Red Paint, White Paint, Horseshoes, Hay Stacks, Harnesses, and Bricks. At the completion of your stable, The "Exclusive, FREE HORSE" the game promises is going to be a free Light Bay Horse (with a random gender). The completed stable will also earn you 320 XP.
Happy Pets Stable gifts
Each day, 3 materials will be available for gifting on the gifts page. Clicking your unfinished stable will bring up the "Horse Stable Materials" window, where you can check your progress and beg fellow players to help you by clicking "Wish" to publish gift requests onto your Facebook Wall.

This isn't going to be fun or easy. Luckily, there's no time limit to this system.
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