Give basketball a shot with new Social City stadium

Social City Basketball Stadium
Social City Basketball Stadium

Social City have just brought back a previously released building, the large Basketball Stadium. Many players have been asking for this item to return, but they'll have to buy it quick as it currently has just over 2,000 left to purchase. The Basketball Stadium is 3x3 tiles in size, increases your population by 45,000, takes 1 minute to build, offers 916 XP, and rewards 10,000 coins every two days This stadium will set you back a whopping 65 City Bucks though, so it won't come easy.

If you were one of the people begging for the Basketball Stadium, buy it now while it's basketball season. You can find this building on the newspaper that comes up when you first log in to Social City. Give it a shot, a three-pointer even!

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