Foretell the future with Tiki Resort fortune teller

tiki resort fortune teller
tiki resort fortune teller

Tiki Resort has released another limited edition item, and this one is an interesting looking Fortune Teller. We're not really sure what this has to do with being on a Tiki Resort, but chances are that your tourists will appreciate the extra added entertainment.

The Fortune Teller only has 2,384 remaining in the shop as of this writing, and costs 29 Facebook Credits (or $2.90) to obtain. It takes quite a bit of time for these items to sell out. For example, the Wedding Chapel was released almost a month ago and only had 4,000 available. It still has 200 left, so we predict the fortune teller will at least be around for a couple weeks.

Will you be buying this Fortune Teller? Why or why not?