FarmVille Scam Groups and the only Reward for Joining

FarmVille Freak Tony David's Idiot Pink Ribbon
FarmVille Freak Tony David's Idiot Pink Ribbon

Every FarmVille Freak should know a fake FarmVille group page, scam offer, or newsfeed posting because we know that you have to work hard for your farm cash and exclusive items and that merely clicking on a link will not reap the promised rewards.

Yet, still many newbies or uninformed farmers continue to add these fake pages and join scam groups. So if you or someone you know insists on joining these scam groups hoping that they will actually work, the picture of the ribbon below is the only reward you can ever expect to receive.

Please note, this ribbon is not real or unreleased. Its sole purpose is for sarcasm and laughs.

This article originally appeared on FarmVIlle Freak.