Delicious candy theme coming soon to PetVille


PetVille have just given us a sneak peek at their next theme - Johan's Candy Shoppe. Johan Honeycrumb, who is a confectioner, will be providing tasty treats in PetVille. We're not exactly sure when this will roll out to the world, but our sweet tooth is already starting to ache in anticipation.

Hopefully this theme will not just be food items to put on the shelf. The preview image has a slightly transparent curtain through which a giant lollipop appears to be seen. And is that a cupcake? We'll have to wait to find out. This new theme should be arriving this week and will be a nice follow up to the Paris items from last week.

Are you excited for the Candy Shoppe theme in PetVille? What kind of items do you hope they include?

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