Citi offering cash prizes to customers who'll go paperless

If you've thought about getting rid of your paper statement and you're a Citibank customer, your bank has an offer for you. Customers who request online statements or online letters -- instead of paper correspondence -- before July 10 are eligible to win $5,000. There will be six cash prizes of $5,000 each given away.

Interested in a shot at $5,000? Citibank explains everything on its enrollment page. The contest began April 18.

According to Citibank, it has issued 168 million paperless statements since 2007, if that gives you any idea how much money (and how many trees) the bank will likely save if it can get a significant chunk of its customers to give up their paper trail.

However, if you can only keep on top of your monthly finances with a paper copy of your statement, maybe this isn't the contest for you.

But if you're on the fence, the possibility of a $5,000 carrot may give you a good reason to jump over to a new side.