Fortune's Best Companies #8: Boston Consulting Group

Employees from Boston Consulting Group all thought the experience was amazing, but so was the workload. It is easy to see why BCG, one of the world's leading advisors on business strategy, was listed as one of the best places to work, but it also is obvious that having a job at BCG is no cakewalk.

I spoke with a number of consultants at Boston Consulting Group to get an idea of their experiences with BCG. I was fortunate to get some insight into what the culture there is like, what they loved and what they hated about a BCG career.

One BCG consulting associate(name withheld) was thrilled to be employed at the company. "I love working at BCG. I work on really fascinating projects – strategic efforts that are at the heart of the client's senior management's agenda. Literally every project that I have been involved with in the last three years has had regular contact with the CEO. The people I work with are talented and focused, yet also interesting and surprisingly down to earth."

In addition to one of the highest average salaries in the consulting industry, BCG offers other attractions to employees. "The firm has awesome benefits and flexibility. If I get the work done, it doesn't matter if I get home for dinner with my family then get back online, or work from home on a Friday afternoon."

But it's no picnic, says our friend at BCG. "I do work hard – no doubt – harder than my friends in any other industry but investment banking and private equity, and about the same as my friends that work for other consulting firms."

I also talked to a more junior staff consultant, Karissa Price, who shared her comments on BCG life.

"What I loved about BCG was the stimulating work. Every case was a new set of problems to solve for a client. I had the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of different industries, including entertainment, reinsurance and energy. BCG also provides amazing business training and interaction with all levels of executives from the shop floor to the boardroom."

Karissa also admits it's not the right place for everyone. "What was not so great about life at BCG is the constant travel, but I think this is true for all consulting firms. Although BCG tries to staff as locally as they can, inevitably you spend a great deal of time on the road and that just gets old after awhile."

A Boston Consulting Group manager added his thoughts. "The first two years are an irreplaceable experience. You'll get responsibility beyond your years and learn that you could do anything if you tried hard enough, and thought hard enough. That kind of formative generalist confidence building is so great, that it's the gift I'd like to give my kids. Even when you feel awful because you've stayed up too many nights in a row, and you're beyond recognizing yourself, you know you kick butt. That, all in all, is pretty great."

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