Become an equestrian in Horse Academy

Horse Academy is a brand new game that just released last week that allows you to own your own horses and care for them. The main objective of the game involves buying caring for, and breeding horses, then racing them to level them up, before finally selling them to make a profit. Horse Academy also incorporates the standard "dollhousing" aspect of creating your own farm. You can buy stables to increase the number of horses you can have, decorate with foliage, buy jockey houses and other buildings, and pave roads.

There are a couple features in this game that make it stand out from the others, and they're mostly involving social features. The first is that the racing system actually matches you up with other players who are online, and actually allows you to chat with them before the race starts. This kind of real-time interaction is seldom seen in Facebook games. In addition, when you sell a horse you actually enter them in a multiplayer marketplace where players can sell horses to each other. This is a neat feature that may help set Horse Academy apart from other horse games such as Horse Gaga.

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