Barn Buddy releases two new donkey buddies

Barn Buddy donkey and horse
Barn Buddy donkey and horse

Barn Buddy is a farming game similar to favorites such as FarmVille, and today they have launched two new donkeys, one grey and one brown. These two new donkeys can be found in the Shop under the Animals tab. The Brown Donkey requires 5,360 Barn Buddy Credits, but earns you 40 xp and coins every 6 hours for petting it. The Grey Donkey costs 73,542 coins, but only grants you 20xp and coins every 6 hours and you have to be level 65 in order to purchase it.

The level 65 requirement is quite a bit high on the Grey Donkey, but it's obvious they're trying to encourage people to buy the brown donkey since it requires cash to purchase it. These donkeys have a bucking animation that they do occasionally as well, which makes them fun. Unfortunately, they's basically the same donkey, except different colors, and use the same model as the limited edition Burro that was released for Cinco de Mayo.

Do you play Barn Buddy? What do you think of these two new donkeys?