Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Vintage Letterpress for Artsy Types

While perusing one of the many flea markets in Barcelona in December of last year, I stumbled upon antique hand-carved letterpress blocks. They varied in shape and size and spelled out "Barcelona." I've mentioned to you my fascination with letters and believe me, the details and the smell of these blocks completely bewitched me to the point that I was ready to pay 475 euros ($607) to give them a home on my already-cluttered shelving unit.

Luckily, my friend talked me out of the impulse buy, but I haven't stopped moping about the letterpress since.

Thanks to Alexandra Charitan, founder of Blue Carrot Shop, an online store specializing in vintage and antique goods, I can quit sulking and start my birthday gift list. Charitan devotes an entire section of her shop to (drum roll...) letterpress! And what gorgeous pieces there are!

Best part? They're very affordable, and if you mention Bargain Huntress' special offer code with your order, Charitan will send you a rebate.

Charitan's interest in vintage arose when she was a child. She shopped at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets and auctions and loved finding "cool, vintage treasures." She has accumulated so many that she decided to start Blue Carrot Shop to pare down her collection, and as a hobby.

"I love finding strange, neat old things for myself and thought I might be good at doing it for other people," says Charitan, who works full-time as a graphic designer. The products she chooses to sell are generally pieces she'd pick for herself. "I love old advertising, typography and anything a little odd or strange," she says.

Well, the Bargain Huntress couldn't be happier! I found a lovely E ($8 for a pair) and a beautiful O ($15) for my future "Barcelona" collection, and I'll just wait until Charitan restocks the other letters, which seem to be going fast!


Browse Blue Carrot Shop to see what vintage goods pique your interest and don't wait to buy them because for a limited time, you can receive a 10 percent rebate on your purchase when you mention offer code RS2010 in the details of your PayPal order! Offer is valid until May 31, 2010. Thanks for lifting our spirits, Alexandra!

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