'Selling New York' Episode 8: Poor Sales Means a Work Vacation


Once again HGTV's "Selling New York" proves to be a totally misnamed show. Last week I said that the real estate reality series was more seeing and looking, and less closing and selling. This week half the show didn't even take place in New York! We were watching "Selling New York," but looking at properties (albeit fantastic ones) in Florida. (Remember when episode four dared take us to Connecticut?) How about we rename the series and call it what it really is? "Let's Just Look at Some Real Estate No One Is Going to Buy."

"Let's Just Look" episode eight, titled, "Location, Location, Location" once again showcased the effort that brokers go to for their clients. The Core Group and the Gumley Haft Kleier clan deserve an A for effort. They slave and sacrifice sanity, family vacations, and even their personal residential style -- all in the name of hopefully selling some real estate.

It's tough selling a property within 22 edited minutes!