Playfish plans FIFA Superstars for Facebook

playfish EA's first collaboration will be FIFA Superstars
playfish EA's first collaboration will be FIFA Superstars

Ever since video game giant Electronic Arts snapped up Playfish last year, we've been playing bets to see which big name video game franchise would make the jump to Facebook first.

Turns out our earlier hunches that it would be Madden, Need for Speed or The Sims were not correct. Instead, the first big EA and Playfish collaboration will be FIFA Superstars, a social rendition of the popular FIFA World Cup video game series. From Moore's blog:

Our FIFA products connect fans from all over the world who share a common passion for the sport, and soon our partnership with Playfish will allow us to bring the FIFA brand to the growing Facebook community with a new game called FIFA Superstars.

Leveraging our football gaming knowledge and marrying it with the social gaming expertise of our partners at Playfish is sure to provide more great opportunities to bring hundreds of millions of new fans to compete against their friends to win the FIFA World Cup through an engaging interactive football experience.

More details on FIFA Superstars will be 'coming soon,' and we're very interested to see how Playfish plans to translate this internationally known video game into something that will appeal to the Facebook gaming set.

[Peter Moore's blog via Kotaku]

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