PetVille: Email for exclusive yellow baby bird

PetVille baby yellow bird for buying Pet Cash
Many players are reporting on the PetVille official forums that they have received an email that grants them an exclusive yellow baby bird if they purchase Pet Cash or coins. PetVille Community Manager MaiLau has confirmed that this is a legitimate email, but it has not yet gone out to everyone as they are still working out some kinks in the process. Some players have been complaining that they received the email and clicked on the link but did not receive their baby bird.

If you receive this email, make sure that you buy your Pet Cash or coins through the link in the email, otherwise you will not get the exclusive baby bird. If you're unlucky like us and haven't received the email yet, you'll have to hold tight and hope that it comes around. This bird has adorable big green eyes and a huge bow on its head and would look cute in your pet's home.
PetVille exclusive baby yellow bird from email

Have you received the free bird email yet? Did you buy coins or Pet Cash to get this exclusive?
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