Multifunctional Furniture With Double Value

CB2's Usually a two-for-one deal means two identical items for the price of one. But this phrase takes on a whole new meaning as out-of-this-world home creations aim to serve more than one function: like a magazine rack that doubles as a drink holder (left), or a stylish stool that can be flipped and used as a trashcan.

Design-wise, some of these multifaceted items are funky and futuristic-looking, while others -- such as a bed that pops out of chest -- are a hybrid of two traditional and otherwise ordinary pieces of furniture.

Many are genius space-saving mechanisms, among them an ironing board that when upright becomes a looking glass, or a wall mirror that unfolds into a dining room table.

If you tend to be indecisive about decorating or are always rearranging your apartment, having an item this versatile might be a blessing. Perhaps that cocktail table can become a planter, a vase, a stool or a trashcan?

Here are but a few examples of these ingenious designs....

Iron a Dress and See How It Looks

Gone are the days when after ironing, you have to track down a full-lenth mirror. Or worse, the weeks when the ironing board takes permanent residence in your living room. From Aissa Logerot, this cheval mirror dubbed madame est servie is an ironing board when flat and turns into a mirror when vertical.

A Place for Magazines...and a Drink
It's called the "Madra" magazine rack, but does more than hold periodicals. In addition to the tiered bars where you can drape magazines, the red sculptural piece from has a shelf for a beverage.

A Stool or a Trash Can?

At first sight, the "Tatu stool" looks exactly as you might expect -- a 16-inch high cyclinder. But when flipped, the stackable, white steel-wire modular object from ABC Carpet & Home can be used as a wastebasket.

By Day a Mirror, by Night a Table

Tip Over is the ultimate space saver from Eurotrend. This solid oak-frame mirror transforms into a 35-inch-long dining room table by unfolding its legs and turning it over. The mirror on the flipside of the tabletop is concealed and protected.

Don't Go Looking for the Wastebasket
Another ingenious invention from Aissa Logerot is a trash receptacle built into a stool. Instead of having to roll over to the wastebasket to toss your crumpled wad of paper, just stick it under your seat in a cylinder at the base of the stool.

Store a Bed in a Chest
Akin to how a trundle bed works, the ChestBed, available through Space San Diego, is a console chest that pulls out into either a twin, queen or king bed. The lower drawers store the pillows.

Maybe the next generation of designers will invent a way to make your roommate's oversized sectional pop out of a makeshift closet or find a better use for your boyfriend's home gym. Just maybe.
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