Los Angeles Insider: Santa Monica Voice Coach Alise Richel

Name, Age, Occupation:Alise Richel. I stopped counting. Singer/voice coach.

Neighborhood: Santa Monica, Calif.

Abode: One-bedroom guesthouse. I could get more space for the rent, but I want to sing and have students come over and this space allows me to do that.

How long have you lived in Santa Monica? Two years.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?The fresh air and the trees; they are so beautiful. All the lawns have so many beautiful flowers and everyone landscapes their front lawns here, whether small or large. And, of course, the proximity to the ocean is delightful. I think it's amazing you can walk around this neighborhood and there is always something beautiful to see that you haven't noticed before.
Best kept secret in Santa Monica?

Gino Stella. If you need anything in terms of clothes, this man is like Valentino. He is wonderful and no one knows about him! We went downtown to the fashion center and bought fabric at a place he knew of with imported fabric. He made a dress for me and when I sing in that dress I could sound like Humpty Dumpty and they would love it. He makes things that are magnificent.

And there are two stores in town as well, one is called Thunderbolt Spiritual Books. There is a huge collection of all sorts of books on religion, holistic health and food. They have hard-to-find books and also lots of gift items. The other store is called Tibetan Arts. There is great ambiance of incense and music.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night in your neighborhood?
It has to include my guy, Fred Adler. On Saturdays we go for hikes. The thing about California that I never experienced anywhere else is all these marvelous trails up these mini-mountains. It's a new adventure when we take a new trail. Then when we get back later we usually head to the 3rd Street Promenade. We are walkers, so then we stroll above the beach and the pier. It's fun.

Leonard Bernstein once said you have a gorgeous voice, are you still singing?
Yes, I sing in concerts, and of course I am voice coach so I am also training others. I love singing, and will keep doing it.

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