Plenty of Jobs and India

india jobsThere's no way around it: This news is going to make a lot of readers angry. There are major hiring wars going on, along with giant companies giving nearly 20 percent raises to their entire staff -- in India. They're doing this in order to have enough employees to handle the myriad jobs outsourced from the United States and Europe.

Huge corporations like Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Infosys Technologies and Wipro Ltd., the folks that staff US customer service lines, among other duties, have announced company-wide raises. Up to 90 percent of these companies' income is earned from businesses in the US and Europe.

Meanwhile, there are hiring wars going on between these outsourcing companies. Employees will leave one and join another, depending on how much work they can get and how much they'll be paid. There is fierce competition between them to entice the best employees, and make sure they stay put. Campaigns are being launched, boasting of how well these corporations treat their employees, and how happy they are.

April 1st was no day for fools in Indian workers. On that day, Infosys, announced a 17% raise for everyone, on the heels of a 12% raise in October. Rival company Tata put a company wide, 13% raise into effect on April 1 as well.

Granted, over the past couple of years, these companies were not immune to the global recession. Some froze wages and even reduced staff. But for the last eight months or so, they've been increasing their payrolls with a vengeance.

Before you decide to pack your bags and move to India, however, know that the average entry-levelsalary at these companies ranges from $6500 to $8000 per year. But that money goes a lot further in India than it does in the United States. You've doubtless got the language skills to excel in these kinds of jobs over there, but a lot depends on how culturally flexible you can be.

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