How to detect a scam or fake FarmVille post on Facebook

All FarmVille players should all be aware of scam or fake reward posts/groups and how to detect them in their Facebook homefeed. These scams seem to be increasing at an alarming rate and have started to look more authentic but are not! 'Click here to get your blue turtle', '200 free FV$, just click here' or most recently, 'Join to receive rare collectables' are not real offers. These fake or scam groups cannot and will not provide you with any rewards or unreleased items. Only through Zynga can you purchase FV$, puppies, adopt animals or receive special rewards. To protect yourself, your Facebook account and your friends FarmVille player Brian Weaver provided the following tips:

FarmVille Freak Brian's

Just to reiterate, the word FarmVille and the ear of corn must both visible in a posts footer for it to be authentic.

Another great way to check for a fake or scam post is by clicking the 'hide' option on homefeed. Simply, hover your mouse over the upper right hand side of a post and click hide. If it says anything other then "Hide FarmVille", it is a fake!

FarmVille Hide Function for Scams I
FarmVille Hide Function for Scams II

Are you annoyed by these fake posts filling your home feed?

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