From cutting toner costs to iPad spurring economy, a look back at week

Each week, WalletPop looks back on the week's top personal finance stories as it joins with CostRefuge. Here are some from last week from mainstream publications and the blogosphere.

Ever stumble upon some method of saving money that never crossed your mind but when you hear it, never seemed more obvious? The Consumerist's Marc Perton takes a look at how switching the font you use in printable documents can cut the cost you pay for ink toner by as much as 31%.

Did you send your mother a card for Mother's Day? Is it taboo to do anything but purchase one for mom and the other important people in your life? Lisa Schmeiser from the San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at this question and some alternatives if you're not the greeting card type.

While the dream of home ownership is something many aspire to, there are also a number of pitfalls that make owning a home difficult and time consuming. Single Guy Money goes over some of the pros and cons and helps readers decide whether it's in their best interests financially.

Ever get uncomfortable trying to figure out how much to tip or even whether to tip a server or employee who provides you a service? Billeater goes over some of these scenarios and some best practices to keep in mind when considering tips.

Finally, Steve Jobs and the engineers at Apple have come out with another masterpiece of a device, which some say has established a new category of computing. But can it bring us out of a recession? ABC News takes a look at whether Apple's new iPad can help spur economic recovery.

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