FarmVille Unreleased 7-Eleven Promotion Neapolitan Cow & Neapolitan Calf

As stated first by FarmVille Freak, here is a sneak peak of what the Neapolitan Cow and Neapolitan Calf will look like when 7-Eleven launches their FarmVille promotion. Thank you to FarmVille Freak J-Chaves, Lisa, & Sasu for finding these unreleased animals!
FarmVille Neapolitan Cow and Calf
FarmVille Unreleased Neopolitan Cow – Zynga FarmVille Image | Animation
FarmVille Unreleased Neopolitan Calf – Zynga FarmVille Image | Animation

This article originally appeared on FarmVIlle Freak.
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