FarmVille Game Card Special Item Reward

FarmVille Wildflower Pond
FarmVille Wildflower Pond

For a limited time farmers will receive a special limited edition Wildflower pond for redeeming a FarmVille game card. FarmVille game cards are available at Game Stop, 7 Eleven, Target and Walmart -as well as some other retail outlets. You can purchase a game card for $10 (55FV$) or $25 (145FV$), you also have the option to redeem these cards for FV coins.

Lexilicious (FarmVille Community Manager) gave the following information about game cards tonight:

Evening, farmers!

From now through Friday June 21st at 9:00 PM PDT you can get this limited edition Wildflower Pond when you redeem a FarmVille Game Card!

Get yours today! Happy Farming!

For more information about game cards visit:

Source: Official FarmVille Forums

Will you be buying a FarmVille game card to receive the Wildflower pond?

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